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Andre has been in the ministry for over 27 years, ministered in over 18 countries, been a guest several times on Sid Roth show ‘Supernatural’ and a keynote speaker at numerous conferences around the world.


Andre has a powerful voice that was professionally trained in the UMKC conservatory.  Using this opera voice with a prophetic twist is something he is well known for. He has two CD’s to his credit.  


With a strong sense of the prophetic, Andre is able to minister prophetically with a profound sense of revelation and the Presence of God.


Just releasing his new book, Wild & Mightly Fire, Andre shows a deep passion for the power and Presence of God.  You can get a copy here.


August 8 miracles in the market place international, Maple Grove,MN 7:00pm

August 9 miracles in the marketplace international Elk River, MN 7:00om.

Imagine Nashville,TN 14-16

What People Are Saying 

“ God has finally shown me the true meaning of being myself. I’ve met so many friends and I’m thankful for that. Andre’s speeches were genius. I realized that people here don’t really care about the outside. It’s not about that. A lot of us may not have any thing in common but the one thing that I know, that brought us all together today is the love we all share towards God. I love you guys so much and I pray that next year we meet again in this place where the people and the music, everything about this place has opened my eyes and for that I’m grateful..”


“This is the first time for me that I truly entered into God’s presence. It was very encouraging to me because I had started to feel like god had abandoned me, but what he was telling me was that I need to get more of him and not be satisfied with where I was at”


“I came to the retreat for the fun and the snow but I was not into God, I saw myself as a total atheist. Now I know there is a God because he showed up in such a powerful way. I felt so different, I went outside by myself, lay down in the snow, and looked up and said God if you are real show me. Just then, tiny lights began to circle around me, came down, and hovered right over my face. I was so in awe I could not move. God touched me with his love and I believe in him.”



My ministry exists from donations from people like you.  If you would like to send a different amount than the ones below, you can change it when you are on the paypal page.  


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